Business Studies

Business Studies

Business studies teaches students about the concepts of the products and firms that surround us daily. They need to know what is happening in the real world, much further afield than Easington. Students go to colleges to study business or accounting and finance, and what they do in school provides a sound platform for this. Everything we do in lessons makes our students more employable in the future, teaches them persistence, cooperation and enthusiasm.

Qualification GCSE in business studies
Course content/areas of study

You will gain practical understanding of what “being in business” entails and study three units on:

  • Introduction to small business
  • Investigating small business
  • Building a business

Two exams 1 × 25% and 1 × 50%

Internal assessment 1 × 25%

Core or option

Number of option choices One

Number of GCSEs/equivalent

Business is one of the best lessons for me, it is extremely fun, interesting and yet I learn a lot. It makes learning fun!
Year 9 student