Product design

Design and Technology

Design and Technology allows students to pair problem solving and creativity to produce a range of demanding and commercially viable products. The subject not only prepares students for further education but also for future careers and life.

As teachers of design and technology, the passion for our subjects shines through and is reflected in our lessons. Our subjects are fun to teach because there are so many interesting topics to cover and our lessons are very practical based. Students enjoy learning new skills and feel proud of their achievements.

Design and technology is one of my favourite lessons. I know that all my teachers in the department push me to my potential and it is an opportunity for to show off my creative side. I love the products I design and make. I would recommend the subject to anyone!
Year 10 student

Year 9, 10 and 11

Qualification GCSE in design and technology
Course content/areas of study 

Unit 1:

  • Core technical principles
  • Specialist technical principles
  • Design and making principles

Unit 2:

  • Extended making project 

Non examined assessment (NEA): 50%

Examination: 50%

Core or option


Number of option choices:

One per subject

Number of GCSEs/equivalent:

Design and technology at Easington Academy is a very fun yet challenging subject. I always know I will have a smile on my face when leaving the lesson and enjoy every hour of it!
Year 10 student