Food technology

Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition prepares our students well for the future. Students are able to develop their problem solving and practical skills using a variety of materials and equipment. They use their food preparation skills to be able to feed themselves and their families’ healthy meals in the future. The subject not only prepares students for further education but also for life.

Our food technology teachers love their subject and their passion is reflected in lessons. The subject covers so many interesting topics and lessons are very practical based. Students enjoy learning new skills and feel proud of their achievements. 

We love food and nutrition lessons because we get to try new foods that taste amazing. We learn about the science side of food too which is really cool. We would say that the lessons are amazing.
Ethan Cooper and Paul Smith, Year 7

This course focuses on practical cooking skills that will give you an experience of using different cooking techniques and methods to give you a basic understanding of the skills required for a career in food. 

Year 9, 10 and 11

Qualification GCSE in food preparation and nutrition
Course content/areas of study 
  • Unit 1: Food, nutrition and health
  • Unit 2: Food science
  • Unit 3: Food safety
  • Unit 4: Food choice
  • Unit 5: Food provenance

Controlled assessment: 50%

Examination: 50%

Core or option


Number of option choices:

One per subject

Number of GCSEs/equivalent:



NCFE: Food and cookery


Level 2 food and cookery

Course content/areas of study 
  • Unit 1: Preparing to cook
  • Unit 2: Understanding food
  • Unit 3: Exploring balanced diets
  • Unit 4: Plan and produce dishes in response to the brief 

Controlled assessment: 80%    Examination: 20%

Core or option


Number of option choices

One per subject

Number of GCSEs/equivalent

Food and nutrition is an interesting subject that allows you to learn many new skills. You use different ingredients and equipment and learn different cooking techniques that can prepare you for the future.
Year 10 student