About our teaching school alliance

Maggie Saxton

Maggie has over 40 years experience working in secondary schools in County Durham and London spending her later years as Assistant Principal at The Academy at Shotton Hall until her retirement in 2011. 

The government initiative for studio schools was introduced nationally in 2010. One of Maggie's key roles as a governor was to help research, coordinate and write the successful bid for Apollo Studio Academy. During her time at Shotton Hall working with students, parents, educational providers and employers in County Durham and beyond, it was apparent to Maggie there was a growing gap between the skills and knowledge that young people require to succeed, and those that the current education system provides. The government provided the opportunity and funding to create such a school for young people aged 14-19. The governors and principals of both The Academy at Shotton Hall and East Durham College (co-sponsors for the bid) and local employers, were all in agreement that the young people of East Durham would benefit from a studio school and this would compliment existing provision. 

Maggie was also a magistrate for 25 years and as well as being a trust director of The Academy at Shotton Hall she is also a trustee of Apollo Studio Academy.