Horden school bus running from January

Horden school bus running from January

Date Published:
Tuesday 18 December 2018

Please note: the Horden school bus to Easington Academy will start running again on Monday 7 January 2019. This will now include pick-ups from Easington.

The price is £10 per week for return journeys and payment is due in advance every Monday morning (you do not pay for school holidays).

Approximate pick-ups times are as follows:

  • 8.10am – Cotsford Park, Majors Shop
  • 8.10am – Chinese
  • 8.15am – Sainsbury’s
  • 8.15am - End of 13th Street

Catholic Church, Sunderland Rd

  • 8.20am – The Bell

Cross Road Bus Stop

  • 8.30am – Grants Houses Bus Stop

Colliery (opposite old Trust) Bus stop

  • 8.35am – Colliery Pit Bus Stop
  • Seaside Lane Shops bus stop
  • Water works bus stop

To reserve a place – please ring Ted Wilford Coaches on 0191 586 9900.