Students learn about cold water shock

Date Published:
Friday 15 June 2018

Last week the Safe Durham Partnership came into school with Mrs Gosling, mother of Cameron, a 14 year old who tragically died after jumping into the River Wear on a hot summer’s day. Together, they delivered a thought-provoking assembly to raise awareness of the importance of acclimatising before jumping into cold water. 

Cold water shock, the body's short-term involuntary response to being suddenly immersed in cold water, can dramatically increase blood pressure, heart and breathing rates, provoking a gasp response so water can be breathed in instead of air. All these effects can cause panic and lead to cardiac arrest or even be fatal.

Cameron's mother launched a water safety campaign with the Safe Durham Partnership to educate young people on this little-known killer after losing her son.

We hope our students remember this assembly and stay safe.

Students learn about water safety