Easington Academy is proud to take part in Erasmus, a British Council initiative that gives students the opportunity to take part in international exchanges and study experiences.

Since September 2019, Easington Academy students have started to work in collaboration with students from many European countries learning about different cultures and most importantly making new friends!

Erasmus aims to:

  • Give young people a glimpse of life in other countries from a perspective beyond that of a tourist.
  • Raise students’ horizons and thereby empower them to have the confidence to travel throughout Europe for higher education and/or employment.
  • Supplement the curriculum by participating in academic fieldwork in other countries.
  • Encourage active citizenship through developing an understanding of democratic processes and an awareness of other cultures.

Our international work is led by Ian Kell who works for the North East Learning Trust.

As well as racking up lots of air miles, Mr Kell has presented training to teachers from four countries in Athens and 29 countries in Warsaw. He has also led training sessions on internationalism at British Council conferences and through NELT, he has supported international project start-ups in County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. 

Recently a group of Year 9 students went to Albacete (Spain) for a fully funded weeklong project on designing a sustainable town. Our students worked in collaboration with teenagers from all over Europe allowing them to develop their interpersonal skills, confidence, communication skills and most importantly it allowed them to make new European friends!