The study of Music allows students to express themselves creatively. It engages, inspires and challenges students, immersing them in an incredibly wide range of music as performers, composers and appraisers. They will explore music from across the world with an appreciation of their own culture and heritage as well as the numerous influences that have shaped music across place and time.  

Music at Easington Academy leads students on a journey of creativity and self-expression through the exploration of core knowledge and skills.    

Students are encouraged to develop their skills through the use of both traditional and non-traditional instruments as well as the use of music technology to both perform and compose their musical ideas. Musical notation is discovered in its many forms and is applied to the abundance of practical opportunities that the music curriculum demands.   

Students enjoy music because it is varied, fast-paced and fun. Every student is inspired to believe in their potential and to aim high. Throughout their musical career, students develop the ability to perform with accuracy, fluency and expression. They compose music for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences and appraise familiar and unfamiliar pieces of music evaluating their impact, musical quality and purpose.  

Across the key stages students explore and manipulate the use of musical elements to produce desired outcomes, perform from a range of notation developing both solo and ensemble performing skills and appraise a diverse range of music of increasing complexity.  

Music is a valuable subject for all to study whether you are a gifted musician or have never engaged in music outside of school.  

The music department offers a wide array of extra-curricular opportunities including our school orchestra, choir, musical theatre and drama club and our newly formed guitar club. At the end of each academic year we perform a musical. Our last performance took place in July 2022 where we performed 3 nights of “Billy Elliot – The Musical”. Each year we host our school “Musician of the Year” competition where students have the chance to compete in the “Instrumental” and “Vocal” categories. In turn some of our students also compete in the Durham wide Musician of the Year. 

Students are invited to take part in performances both inside and outside of school including at The Sage, Gateshead as well as in the local community. 


I really enjoy attending my music lessons. It has inspired me to listen to different styles of music that I would never have listened to had I not experienced it in class!
Year 9 student